Saturday, March 15, 2008

Nessie Mini Sculpture

I love this little sculpture that Adam made so much. I convinced him to start making them to sell.

The photography for his sculptures are a little hard, especially since I am not a photographer. They really look so much better in person.

We did a two person show a quite a few years ago called "Seamonsters See Monsters" which was probably the start of my obsession with mythical sea creatures.



Helen said...

Wow! That's really something. I love the bright colors.

Nice blog ;)

Ophelia Miller Boutique said...

Nice sculpture. Love the vivid blue!!!

missbeahaven said...

I love the 3D effect~ very cool!

PearsonMaron said...

Hey thanks you guys!!!

Allison said...

Ooooh - fabulous!

outofthepinksky said...

I so love your work. Incredibly cute! If I had a kid, I'd put items like you make in their room :)

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