Monday, April 14, 2008

LA River Cats

photo courtesy of CL Photo

As a kid in the late 70’s, I always looked forward to driving by the LA river in my dad’s brown Oldsmobile and getting a glimpse of the cat faces painted on the water drainage covers. The cat faces were always a signifier to me that we were almost home.

As an adult while traveling the Interstate 5 N. bound (somewhere between the Los Feliz exit and the 134 interchange) I noticed that the cat faces were no longer visible. I wondered if they still even existed. To my surprise many have been painted over and some have mysteriously reappeared in a more modern graffiti style. The Cat faces are fascinating to me and are an example of a collective of random and anonymous individuals working in a sort of spontaneous artistic collaboration that has created what I consider to be great American folk art. ~Adam

cats in 1980

After the "clean up"

Photos By Craig Endler (except where noted)
He also wrote a nice article about his involvement with the cat faces

More photos of the LA river

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