Thursday, May 22, 2008

Miniature Golf

Miniature Golf

I have had many fixations in my life but miniature golf or putt putt has a very special place in my heart and has always created a stir within me since I was a child. Those animal statues, wind mills, castles and gingerbread houses, look like large scale folk art sculptures or scaled down roadside attractions. Several of these courses had elaborate water features and landscaping which only added to the magical effect it had on me. Most courses these days have rides, water slides, batting cages, go karts and arcades, functioning as a kind of poor mans Disneyland. As an adult I have realized the role these courses play in our lives, creating an escape from the mundane existence of suburbia as well as a bitter reminder of suburbia itself. But miniature golf is more than weekend entertainment; it is also a professional sport. Several years ago I saw a professional miniature golf tournament on ESPN and was struck that an 11 year old child can compete at the same level as a 50 year old adult. For a moment I too wanted to be a professional miniature golfer, but like the rest of us I have to accept my own limitations.


photos courtesy of King Power Cinema

An insane mini golf hole that Rube Goldberg would appreciate

The professional miniature golf association website. Offers a PMGA Miniature Golf course Course Directory, and course reviews. as well as miniature golf news etc.

The U.S. ProMiniGolf Association

Has a detailed history of mini golf and pro info. On mini golf

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