Friday, February 6, 2009

Thinking Small with Krista Peel

photo: Krista Peel

I've been meaning to share the work of artist Krista Peel with you. She makes all sorts of amazing things. One of my favorite projects are her roomboxes.

These are miniature rooms! So amazing! From her website:

"Each of these handbuilt roomboxes is an art gallery of collected works from around the world.
roomboxes can be purchased, and come with all the lights, accessories and hardware needed for their installation. the exterior can be painted any color for camouflage in the room in which it can hang. Room materials include original miniature artwork, fabrics, beads, paper, wood, mirrors, rocks, pins, tiles, perfume lids, stir sticks, plastic, glass, foam core, bottle tops, artificial plants and pre-made dollhouse furnishings."

We are so proud to have one of our miniature tree ghosts featured in her 80's room



bluedogrose said...

I love her miniatures! And the fact she uses real art in them.

leaderofmen said...

Those are incredible! So amazingly detailed.

BTW, love your "cloud factory". That's brilliant.

PearsonMaron said...

She's amazing isn't she? Super talented.


p.s. Thank you!

Ang said...

oh my gosh, I want to LIVE in that top room!

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